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Solar Panel Installation
Whitstable, Canterbury & Kent

Providing solar power services in Whitstable, Canterbury and across Kent

EV Chargers provide solar panel installations & battery installations to households in Whitstable and Canterbury. Did you know Whitstable has the most amount of sunlight hours in the UK? Surrounding areas in Kent also benefit from plenty of sunlight hours throughout the year with the peak in June of 205 and in December there is over 50 hours of sunshine. Therefore, having solar panels installed is a great way of utilising free energy for your home. Why not take advantage of solar to charge your electric car with free energy.

EV Chargers can give you advice on what type of solar panels to use, how we would install these solar panels for you and what battery would be suitable for your energy needs. Battery storage is good for storing excess solar energy whilst you are at work throughout the day and then utilise it through the night. 

Recent Solar Installations in Kent

Specifications: 29×280 WATT all black comedian solar panels with 2x Griwatt 3.6KW inverters and 2x GivEnergy AC coupled inverter with 16KW of batteries plus 2x MyEnergi immersion heater solar diverters to heat water tanks with free energy.

Location: Whitstable

Specifications: 4KW of panels with Tigo optimisers installed along with a Givenergy 3.6KW hybrid inverter and 3x 5.2KW of batteries.

Location: Whitstable

Specifications: 4KW Solar PV System installed with GivEnergy 3.6KW Hybrid Inverter and 9.5KW battery.

Location: Canterbury

Are you a homeowner in Whitstable or Canterbury?

EV Chargers can carry out a free survey and calculations for solar panel installations. Get in touch with us by filling out the form below, call us on 07854 198 229, or email us at

    What are Solar Panels?

    Solar panels are a type of solar technology that converts sunlight into energy. This energy can then be used as electricity in your home. Solar panels are made up of photo-voltaic cells mounted in a framework, ready for installation. Solar power is a great way to save on your energy bills.

    Can I use a battery for my Solar Panels?

    Yes, a battery can be installed along with your solar panels. Any electricity you don’t use can be stored in this battery for a later date. For example if you have a few sunny days in Whitstable, your battery may reach a full charge, you can then utilise this energy on a cloudy day when your solar panels aren’t generating enough energy.

    What are the benefits of Solar Panels?

    Solar improves the value of your Whitstable or Canterbury property

    Many Whitstable and Canterbury homeowners are interested in getting solar panels installed, but most don’t take the time to research how to accomplish this. Having a property that already has solar panels installed can be very attractive to potential buyers, as the hard work has already been done. A study by the DECC found that homes with energy saving improvements, like solar panels, increased a property’s value by an average of £16,000. Not only are you saving on bills and going green, but you are also increasing the value of your property.

    Reduces Electricity Bills

    Once your solar panels have been successfully installed, you’ll find that your Whitstable or Canterbury household should meet their energy needs through solar power most of the time, especially in the summer. This will mean that you won’t be using as much electricity from the grid, causing your electricity bills to drop. 

    Renewable Energy

    Once you make the switch from normal energy to solar energy after your solar panel installation, your carbon footprint will be significantly reduced. Solar energy provided by solar panels is green energy. This means that it is a renewable source of energy, whereas energy from elsewhere is non-renewable, which causes more CO2 pollution in the air.

    Why hire Kent solar panel installers?

    Our solar panel installers will be able to install the appropriate solar panel systems for your Kent home. EV Chargers Kent can help you decide on what type of solar panels would be most beneficial to your household’s needs and most cost effective compared to the amount of money you may save. After covering costs for the installation and solar panel system, you won’t need to pay for your Kent home’s energy usage as long as you use the energy that your solar panels produce.

    What types of solar panels do we provide?

    We can source three types of solar panel systems in Kent. The first being monocrystalline celled panels; these solar panels are efficient but can be expensive compared to polycrystalline. Polycrystalline solar panels are cheaper, but can be less efficient when it comes to generating electricity from sunlight. Hybrid solar panels are by far the most efficient at generating energy, as they have a layer of film between each crystalline cell. But hybrid solar panels are the most expensive of the three.

    If you are renovating your home within Kent, looking to save money on your energy bills and add value to your home with the use of solar panels, get in touch with us today.

    07854 198 229

    Kent Solar Panel Installation Process

    1: Free Solar Panel Installation Survey in Kent

    Our Solar Panel Installation team will visit you for a thorough survey of where you want to install your solar panels on your Kent home. We will then carry out checks on whether the desired position for your solar panels will be exposed to enough sunlight. Once the efficiency of the solar panel position is checked, we will then make sure that the structure of your Kent home’s roof is stable enough to support the weight of the solar panels and their fixings. Once the survey is complete, we will then get back to you with a quote.

    2: Solar Panel Mount Installation

    Once you receive the quote and are happy with the installation costs, our first step is to fix the solar panel mount to your roof. This mount will create support and stability for your solar panels.

    3: Installing the Solar Panels

    Our team will then fix your solar panels to the mount structure. We will secure the entire structure carefully so that it is sturdy and long lasting. We will then connect the electrical wiring.

    4: Connecting the Solar Inverter, Battery & Grid

    Next we will connect your solar panel system to a solar inverter. The solar inverter is then connected to the Solar Battery and Grid input to produce electricity.

    5: Start Solar Inverter

    Once all the electrical connections are in place, we will turn the inverter switch on. Most modern solar inverters have displays that show electricity generation and usage stats.

    6: Enjoy Free Energy

    Once your solar panels have been successfully installed, you will then save on your energy bills, become a more eco friendly household, and increase the value of your Kent property!

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